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early on it did. the president said he loomed the fiscal cliff as a priority right now and warned republicans that if they're looking for a fight over possible nominations to the cabinet in the second term, he's ready to take them on. >> reporter: if the president was expecting a re-election honeymoon from reporters, that quickly disappeared in the wake of a spiraling sex scandal that took down the cia director david petraeus. >> i have no evidence at this point from what i have seen that classified information was disclosed in any way that would have had a neckative impact on the national security. >> reporter: the scandal embroiled afghanistan commander general john allen. when asked if the fbi should have revealed the investigation to him in the country prior to the election, the president withheld judgement. >> it's possible had we been
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told, you would be sitting here asking me a question why were you interfering in a criminal investigation. >> reporter: on the fiscal cliff the country faces at the end of the year, the president insisted he would not extend cuts for well -- for the wealthy and demanded that middle class tax cuts get extended now. >> i am confident folks in both parties can make that happen. what i'm not going to do is to extend bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% we can't afford and, according to economists, we'll have the least positive impact on our economy. >> reporter: the president grew emotional when asked about republicans who have blasted u.n. ambassador susan rice for her comments on the benghazi attack, adding it would not affect her possible nomination as secretary of state. >> for them to go after the u.n. ambassador who had nothing to do with benghazi and was
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making a presentation based on intelligence show received and to besmirch her reputation, is outrageous. >> reporter: and in the wake of superstorm sandy, the president made his most poignant comments yet on his belief in global warming. >> there have been an extraordinarily large number of severe weather events in north america and also around the globe. i am a firm believer that climate change is real, it's impacted by human behavior and carbon emissions. >> reporter: the president was also asked if he believes that he has a mandate. he said he does and that voters understood the two different paths he and mitt romney laid out during the campaign. he said that congress should pay particular attention, brian, to the results of last week's election. >> tom fitzgerald tonight.
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what about the meeting with mitt romney? >> what is going happen then? we could know new developments in libya. the former cia director david petraeus agreed to testify before a house and senate intelligence committees on the incident. he was reluctant to testify amid the ongoing sex scandal but pressure was growing in congress for him to appear. the testimony will be behind closed doors. we're learning about the women involved in the scandal. new tonight, the army suspended paula broadwell's security clearance, the biographer said to have had an affair with petraeus. new details on the connection between jill kelly to the love triangle. she's the woman who received threatening e-mails from broadwell. kelly and her husband have a close relationship with petraeus and his wife. the kelly's are in severe debt and owe $2.2 million on a building they used to own and florida's former governor charlie christ once dated her twin sister, however he denies the claims. nancy pelosi is staying on
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as a second term for house minority leader making the decision today. the congresswoman named a long list of issues she wants to work on during her next term. >> i talked about here out changing the role of money in politics. as really a very important motivator for me to stay in the leaders office. it must be done. >> she served in the white house in the house for 25 years and show is the first woman to serve as speaker. a news alert out of prince georges county where a school bus full of students was involved in a crash. happened around 3:00 and 3:01 and they a say -- say a truck rearended a bus. fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. to the edge on maryland. police released you in pictures of a man they believe was behind a shooting at a wal- mart. the authorities say the suspect demanded money and forced one of the store managers into a
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parking lot and shot him. paul wagner is joining us live with the story. paul? >> reporter: ann arundel county police say the nighttime manager at this wal-mart did everything he was asked and turning over the money and coming outside to this parking lot where he was shot for no reason and shot in a parking lot that is covered by cameras all over the rooftop behind me. some of the pictures have been released by police tonight and in hopes someone will recognize this man and call 911. >> it appears the cost to the employee to this wal-mart store this morning, the call came out about 415 sometime in the morning and demanded money, received money from the business. it appears that they took the victim, went out to the parking lot area and it's still ambiguous as to why and unclear why that happened. the victim was shot in the upper body. >> the three photos show what
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detectives believe is a white male with a slim build wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and dark clothe. in one picture, he appears to be inside the store. after the shooting, the police say the gunman jumped into a dark-colored van before skiting it on fire and this wal-mart sits off of the parkway and is open around the clock. a wal-mart spokesperson said the man shot is part of the management team and employees were given access to counselors if they feel the need to talk at this hour, we're not told whether or not that van set on fire was stolen and that is still unclear is the manager who was shot is expected to hide and is expected. >> the chief of police is leaving his post ahead to the u.s. capital police department as their chief of police.
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he has served the frederick community the past 10 years as chief and spent three decades serving the people in d.c. with the metropolitan department. a class action lawsuit is filed in the wake of superstorm sandy. the long island power authority and national grid are accused of breach of contract, gross negligent and fraud. the suit claims the companies were unprepared, mismanaged and grossly negligent after sandy. as molly line tells us, tens of thousands of homes are without power. >> we will not tolerate delay or excuses in this lawsuit. >> reporter: governor andrew cuomo announced an investigation to -- the new york utility companies and recommend reforms. the new york city mayor michael bloomberg said seven new restoration centers will open in some of the hardest hit areas and will offer one-stop service providing everything from basic supplies to applications for state and federal assistance. the victims will have access to
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nyc rapid repairs, a new program sending teams of contractors and city inspectors to affected areas to quickly repair damaged homes. >> this program is crucial for home owners whose power can't be turned back on until certain repairs are made. >> reporter: staten island residents feeling neglected by fema and the red cross taking relief operations into their own hands. setting up a shelter, clothing and food distribution center at a local catering hall. >> we went full force into turning this into what the people needed and to lose hot meals. >> reporter: the effort is an island-based operation with neighbor helping neighbor. on staten island, molly line, fox news. >> and tomorrow, president obama will visit the areas of new york hardest hit by the storm. and the president visited new jersey. straight ahead on the newsem, a reporter threatened by the interior secretary. what caused that confrontation. and a memorable story on this amazing sky diving feat. sue.
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>> and on that day and another one today, brian. we have a chill in the air. temperatures in the 40s across the region and another cold night expected. how things are trending toward the weekend and speaking of the weekend, scott, a lot of people excited to see the skins back in action. >> they are, sue. when the skins and eagles meet on sunday, philly will trot out a rookie qb, a guy the coaching staff knows firsthand and rg3 joins the choir of voices saying the season is not over. the play-offs are still in the picture. that is straight ahead in the sports edge. 
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. th is ken salazar is apologizing after making threats to a reporter. >> you see any changes that need to take place in terms of -- >> we're her -- . >> let me say the fact is there are hugeerns with wild horses and mustangs on the public
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domain. >> and work outing -- [ indiscernible ] >> thank you very much. >> uh-huh. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you know what? you should never do that. >> he threatened t punch the journalist after salazar felt he was ambushed during afternoon interview. the reporter asked about the government's relationship with a wild horse fires accused of selling horses to mexico and may have ended up in slaughterhouses. salazar regrets the exchange. maryland's casino planning to double the workforce. the company operates maryland law and said it will hire 1200 more people. now, the voters have approved table games that will bring the total number of employees at the casino to 3,000. it hopes to have the table games up and running in early next spring. there are also plans to operate 24 hours a day. coming up on the news knowledge, american flags blow in the wind as wounded veterans take a special leap do into life after war. >> and looking a lot like the
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man. and -- . >> the philadelphia museum and the resemblance is there. made in the 16th century. entur
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. >> it's getting chilly. >> yes, last night, we dropped to 36 degrees and i don't mind cold as long as there is some sunshine, right? and that is what we're going it -- going get tomorrow and we'll look outside. a chilly night, the sun's down, obviously. it's going to stay chilly and let's go to the weather map. we will have another day tomorrow and a lot like we had today and today was 49 degrees
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at reagan national. dulles, 46; bwi thurgood marshal, 48 degrees and not much in the way of wind. with that full sunshine, it sure feels good and the car heats up in a big hurry. check it out at 6:00, and seeing so many cool temperatures here. another sign that our temperatures are going be dropping pretty low tonight and already at the freezing mark. the district, 45; annapolis and baltimore 42 degrees. chillier to the west and that is what is the trend overnight. and a nice unseasonably cool snap for much of the east and the mid-atlantic and this is where we think temperatures will be. since winchester is 32 degrees, that it would get colder than that and what will change as we get into the later hours, and that is a big deck of clouds coming in and that will do a
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lot to stop the temperatures after a number of hours go by. and coming in now. they will make it harder for temperatures to descend at the rate they have and they will try to organize here off of the coast and a weak coastal system and this is not -- this is not going to get in here and looks like it's going to block it. the hundred dollars to the north of you -- high pressure to the north of us and can you see the showers, though, down to the south and i don't think they're getting closer than about southeastern virginia. and that is going to be back tomorrow. the change tomorrow, we'll have more cloud cover than today. friday, we're back to the full sunshine and split the difference a bit. and on to thursday, 49; friday, 53 degrees and look at the forecast tonight, 36 degrees and certainly some places near 32 in the suburbs as we're seeing that and tomorrow, about 49 degrees and winds out of the
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north-northeast and to 5 to 10 miles an hour. the fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast, and into the weekend. and looks like it's sunny with clouds late in the day and some spotty showers on sunday and monday. and not you sure everyone is going to see it. and on tuesday. and to a big thanksgiving holiday as well next wednesday and that is hard to believe. back to you. they're injured and not down and out. quite the contrary. may be you saw them soaring overhead. they're sky divers on a mission to inspire. they sacrificed so much. but they're eager to help others. >> reporter: a leap of faith furled against red, white, and blue. >> the moment you're in the air is -- . >> it was incredible.
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>> reporter: that was the first time i jumped out. >> reporter: they were wounded warriors who lost their leg. a year ago, he stepped on an ied in afghanistan. >> we found six ids and i found one with that nation. >> the special flags we jumped in today, it was incredible. >> reporter: in 1994, he lost his legs in a way that is hard to imagine. >> and believe it or not, i was in the mid-air collision. my partner hit me, his arm sheered both of my legs. >> reporter: dana bowman was traded five months after he lost his legs and he snuck out of the hospital for a parachute jump. >> when the monday morning came with the interns and doctors,
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how was your weekend? >> it was grand. >> and with help from a group called spirit of liberty and the professional sky diving team fast track and they're inspiring veterans on this day. their destination is walter reed. >> let them know they can land on target. it's not the disability but the abilities. >> it's here in bethesda. >> he reretired from the army and is an active duty marine and is still a patient at woulder reid him, one year out from his injury, he offers some perspective. >> we lyone life. and -- i hope everyone does the same and i jumped out of an airplane. i mean, there is a lot to do and there is no need to keep your head down.
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>> it's any you leaving the world instead of letting the world move you. beth parker, fox 5 news. the redskins prepare and scott smith is up next.
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. a lot often, the rookie voted captain and mike shanahan can't recall this and over the biweek, he was voted a cocaptain by the peers with cofield and boen. and joining the current, williams, london fletcher and alexander and hit refleshed and where he shent his -- spent his day office and it was not a familiar setting. he wanted to get his mind right for the final push of the sea soon and that he's hungry to lead his team to yes, the play- offs. >> this is one game at a time. you don't look to the future. you have to take care of what you have in front of you.
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what am i say something yeah, i think the play-offs are a realistic goal for us and i don't think that there is a guy in the locker room that doesn't believe that. >> they're a football team and understand we have to play that the second half of the season. they do regardless what your record is -- record is and you want to play well. the focus is on one game and that is selly. let's play the best football and concentrate on one game and do it that way. >> rg3 has 9 more nfl starts under the belt and the eagles qb. rookie nick folds will leave in place of the injured mike vick and he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. not a threat to run that mike vic was and has a great arm and cool demeanor, something the coaching staff knows firsthand. >> they coach in the senior bowl, you know, not like he's going out there against a guy
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who can't throw the ball at all. >> and we're treating him like a quarterback. and nice not to have to worry about mike running around and extending plays and that is to our advantage, but we're excited to go there and play again. especially off of the biweek. >> and some of the names maybe different. the wizards are following last year's blueprint to the t and starting again, where are-6, and it may get worse before better. the next four opponents are play-off teams from a year ago. you know how many games they won last year? seven, and the bobcats with the wizards. no-76 and despite the first bucket of the game being a 3- pointer, they were awful from beyond and with that 5 of 31 attempts, four in the opening corner. the united states facing russia and the u.s. fell behind one-0, and 2-1. late in the game, three minutes to injury
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time and deflects off the of the defender, the 22-year-old and he had the first international goal helping the u.s. tie russia 2-2 and geo gonzalez in the running for tonight's national league cy young award and the sophomore auto porter is not in the lineup tonight when they host liberty and suffering from a concussion-like simp ton. >> and he's a look at what is coming up at 10. we're focusing on the manhunt and by a crime spree in d.c. talking about a sexual assault and several robberies within a matter of hours. where this happened and the clues police want you to see. plus, millions of kids nationwide are waiting months for a doctor's appointment. we'll tell you what is behind the severe pediatrician shortage and why a local college lost the national ranking in a prestigious list. the answer and campus reaction tonight on fox 5 news at 10. brian. >> and see you then. one last look at the forecast. jew sue. >> another chilly night at hand
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and seeing the temperatures in the low 30s to mid-30s in the city and the only different between tomorrow and today, there will be some more cloud cover and we'll come in about 49 degrees. hey, just a little warmer for friday and definitely brighter and on the chilly side with the average temperature new 59 degrees. most of the rest of the seven as -- days we're going to run below average. there is a few clouds around on saturday, especially late in the day and a chance of a few showers on sunday and monday. brian? >> now you have the news edge. the news is always on back here at 10. the news edge at 11. keep it here, tmz on tv is up next. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership?
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